Sunday , May 26th 2019
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MiM USA Functional Trainer – Dual Adjustable Cable Machine – Home Cable Machine – FT 44 – W/Triceps Rope V Bar and Handle Grip – Home Gym Pulley – Gym Machines for Home

Product Description

FT 44 is a functional trainer machine made of steel frame, dual adjustable pulley with 21 positions and 180 degrees rotation. Height 87″ width 55″ and length 66″. FT 44 with a sturdy structure and attention to the smallest details allows you to train the way you move with compact design minimizes space in your home gym. You can get various functions and body workout with this machine.Cables work smoothly.The slide adjusters for the pulleys are excellent. Additional accessories included( Triceps rope, Chrome plated triangle V bar,grip handles)

Product Features

  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: triceps rope, Chrome plated triangle v bar, strap grip handles
  • COMPACT DESIGN: yet sturdy steel structure, space saver,attention to the smallest details Height 87″ Width 55′ Length 66″
  • ADJUSTABLE PULLEY: 21 height positions, 180 degrees rotation, allows quick and easy adjustment for unlimited functions training .FT 44 pulley systems allows different users a large variety of functions and options.
  • TREASURE OF YOUR HOME GYM: FT 44 is a must and heart of your home gym.You love it.