Friday , May 24th 2019
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SYOSIN (22-1 Foldable Ab Exercise Machine Gym Trainer Whole Body Exercise Equipment

Product Description

Thanks for your support to our product. 22-1 Wonder Master is a new fitness innovation that provides a full abdominal workout in one portable exerciser. Choose from 22 different exercises to enjoy trim, toned abs as well as stronger hips, thighs, legs, arms, pectorals, and a flab-free new physique.
To ensure you enjoy the best performance from this home exercise equipment keep the trainer in a safe condition, please read the instruction before you use it.

Color: Blue / Orange
Size: 18.5*11.6*12.6 In
Weight: 21.4 / 23.5 Lb

In Package:
1* DVD Video
1* User manual
1* Exercise Equipment

Please be sure to read over the following contents before use to avoid possible serious accidents, damages,or injuries. Please use the product correctly in accordance with the instructions.
Please note, our company is immune to any complaints for accidents, damages, or injuries caused by user¡¯s inattention.
As with any piece of exercise equipment, you should take sensible precautions before use. Please consult your doctor if you have any concerns about your physical fitness or health. Always choose the workout level which the best suits you.

1.Before using the Wonder Master, perform some warm-up exercises to prepare your body for the training.
2.After using the Wonder Master,perform some cool-down exercises to stretch the muscles that you have exercised to avoid possible discomfort later.

1.Wonder Master is guaranteed for one year for it¡¯s quality and against all defects from production,excluding improper use or handling by end-user.
2.As a core part of structure,the spring in use is covered by life-time warranty.
3.Should you encounter any problem with this product during use,please contact your local retailer or distributor.