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SYOSIN 22 in 1 Sit-up Exerciser Ab Machine Workout Fitness Equipment Home Gym with Rowing Machine Compatible Men Women

Product Features:

    ★100% Satisfactory Service★SYOSIN  Guarantees 30 Days No Quibble Money Back  &  12-Month Warranty Customer Service Support.Please Contact us if you have any question or need any help!We will provide the best service to you in 24 hours.SPECIFICATIONSNet Weight:10.5 KGSCross Weight: 11.5 KGSMax Capacity:125KGSProduct Dimension:(910~1200)×510×(850~890)mmBox Dimension: 470×295×320mm Warnings Please read the instructions before using and make sure…
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Product Description

100% Satisfactory Service

SYOSIN  Guarantees 30 Days No Quibble Money Back  &  12-Month Warranty Customer Service Support.

Please Contact us if you have any question or need any help!We will provide the best service to you in 24 hours.


Net Weight:10.5 KGS

Cross Weight: 11.5 KGS

Max Capacity:125KGS

Product Dimension:(910~1200)×510×(850~890)mm

Box Dimension: 470×295×320mm



  • Please read the instructions before using and make sure all the parts are properly and safely installed prior to exercise
  • DO NOT use the Ab Machine for any other purpose not detailed in the manual included
  • SYOSIN Ab Machine is not suitable for children under the age of 14
  • Keep it out of reach of under aged children
  • Discontinue to use if you experience any discomfort during exercise
  • DO NOT use soon after eating Please wait till an hour later
  • DO NOT use after drinking alcohol
  • Use it on level,hard ground only.


  • It is suggested to do some warm-up before taking the Ab Machine for workout
  • Get well prepared before using the Ab Machiner
  • If you have long hair tie it up before you begin exercising
  • After using the Ab Machine,perform some cool-down exercises to stretch the muscles that you have exercised to avoid possible discomfort.

Product Features

  • ✪Multi-function Workout Equipment: It is a portable exercise machine that gives you abdominal muscles.Choose one of 22 different exercises to train your abs and trapezius muscles and build stronger hips, thighs, feet, arms, without proud flesh.
  • ✪Safe & Adjustable: The ergonomic design of Magic BB eliminates the risk of injury due to abdominal muscle training.Use a thick plastic pad with high softness to support your back and back massage.Depending on your height and body type, you can adjust the height of the pillow and the length of the front bracket.So don’t worry that the machine won’t work for you.
  • ✪Target audience: this ab machine is suitable for beginners ( who have never exercised or cannot exercise for a long time) or intermediate fitness enthusiasts.If you are a long-term, high-intensity fitness enthusiast, you need to consider whether the product is right for you before ordering.Children, the elderly can use, but should be used under the supervision of the guardian.
  • ✪Package Contents: Host Machine (Including Rowing Machine Tool Kit) x 1, Instruction Manual x 1, Exercise DVD x 1, Exercise Chart x 1
  • ✪360 days warranty: we provide 360 days warranty from the date of delivery.Please feel free to contact us if failure occurs during normal use.We will continue to provide service until the customer is satisfied.What are you hesitating about?CLICK to ADD the CART!