Thursday , May 23rd 2019
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TTS Pro Sport WristBand 58 Smart Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Pedometer + Bonus Blue Silicone Replacement Band for IOS & Android Smartphones

Product Features:

    Product Specifications:1. USB port charging2.Dimension: 240*16*10MM3. Weight: 18g4. Warranty time:12 month5. Battery type:50mAh polymer battery 6. Display: 0.86"OLED Display7.Color:Black,blue,cyan,purple,pink.customized8. Material: TPE&ABS9.Support IOS 7.1 Android 4.3 and above.10.Certificate: CE ROHS11.Standby time: 10days12.Touch Screen operation13.Long time memoryRunning Tips- Get the Right Running ShoesWearing the right running shoes is the key to…
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Product Description

Product Specifications:

1. USB port charging
2.Dimension: 240*16*10MM
3. Weight: 18g
4. Warranty time:12 month
5. Battery type:50mAh polymer battery
6. Display: 0.86″OLED Display
8. Material: TPE&ABS
9.Support IOS 7.1 Android 4.3 and above.
10.Certificate: CE ROHS
11.Standby time: 10days
12.Touch Screen operation
13.Long time memory

Running Tips
– Get the Right Running Shoes
Wearing the right running shoes is the key to comfort and injury prevention. Visit a running specialty store to get fitted for the right running shoes for your foot type and running style. Also, make sure you don’t run in worn-out running shoes – they should be replaced every 300-400 miles.

-Make Sure You Warm Up and Cool Down
A good warm-up signals to your body that it will have to start working soon. By slowly raising your heart rate, the warm-up also helps minimize stress on your heart when you start your run. So you should start your runs with a brisk walk, followed by very easy jogging for a few minutes. You could also do some warm-up exercises. The cool-down allows your heart rate and blood pressure to fall gradually, so it’s important that you end your run with a slow five-minute jog or walk. Post-run is also a good time to do some stretching since your muscles are warmed-up.

– Learn the Proper Upper Body Form
Improper upper body form can lead to pain in your arms, shoulders, neck, and back. Try to keep your hands at waist level, right about where they might lightly brush your hip. Your arms should be at a 90-degree angle, with your elbows at your sides. Keep your posture straight and erect. Your head should be up, your back straight, and shoulders level. Your arms should be at your sides.


Product Features

  • WATER-RESISTANT: Enjoy exercising regardless of bad weather, Sport WristBand 58 is designed so you can continue with your routine without being spoiled by the rain …. Run worry free !!
  • BLUETOOTH WIRELESS SYNC TO SMART PHONE: Bluetooth is standardized wireless, meaning that a high level of compatibility among devices is guaranteed. Bluetooth will connect devices to each other, even if they aren’t the same model.
  • DESIGN: Sport WristBand 58 comes with a OLED display screen of 0.86”, is comfortable, Lightweight and is a beautiful accessory. You can sleep with it on you all night, to track your heartbeats, and won’t even notice it
  • HEART RATE MONITOR: 24 hour real-time monitoring your heart rate status and help user make proper exercise plan. The heart rate data are only for your reference to adjust your exercise, NOT for medical use.
  • SUPPORTS BLUETOOTH 4.0 LOW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY: It has Standby time of 10 days and many hours of workout time. [It CANNOT work with ipad, tablet and personal computer.] PRIME MEMBERS FAST SHIPPING INCLUDED!