Monday , May 27th 2019
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Water-chestnut Multi-Workout Abdominal/Hyper Back Sit-up Bench with Reverse Crunch Handle

Product Description

Happystore999 Sit Up Bench is also known as Supine plate, Abdominal plate, Abdominal muscle training device.
It is a fitness with sit-ups, back movement, supine legs and other training functions fitness products, is the mainstay of Family Fitness Equipment.

Strengthen waist & abdominal strength and elasticity.
To eliminate abdominal fat make the effect is obvious.
Exercise abdominal, arm, leg back related muscle groups.
Easy to move indoor abdominal board, covers an area of small, is suitable for all ages sports fitness equipment.

It can directly focus on the abdominal muscles, through the slight changes in action, so that the muscles in different parts of the abdomen get exercise, and finally achieve plastic effect.

The most common method for sit-ups is to place the body in a supine position. The knee is flexed to about 90°. The foot is placed flat on the ground and fixed by external force. Then it is raised using the abdominal muscles.

Color: black
Max Weight Capacity: 240 lbs
Adjustable height: 20.5” – 26.5” (6” adjustable)
Size of the pad: 40″ x 11″
Whole size: 50″*14″*27″
Tube size:1.50″x1.50″x0.06″
Package size:48.03″x13.39″x5.51″
Item weight:14.55lb / 232.81oz
Package weight:14.73lb / 235.63oz

What’s in box?
1 x Sit Up Board (need assembled)

1, Before exercise, move the body, open the joints of the body to avoid injury.
2. Knees should be bent to avoid waist injury.
3. To step by step, the speed should not be too fast, moderate can be.

Product Features

  • 🍓 Unique Design — High-strength four-way frame structure increases the stability & durability of the workbench, providing maximum support for your core workouts. 240 lb weight, height adjustable: 20.5” – 26.5” (6” adjustable)
  • 🍓 Non-slip foam-filled handles — Reverse tightening handles help build your lower abdomen, oblique muscles. Our table can secure the ankles and legs securely. This is an important part of your core routine.
  • 🍓 Extra-thick back plate — 40″ x 11″ back pad helps maintain good posture and reduces back strain. It is wider, thicker, and longer than traditional boards.
  • 🍓 Inclined cushioning plate design — Perfectly supports your spine and hollow back, and is more comfortable, safe and effective by lowering the risk of tension, back sit-ups, push-ups and other upper body and abdominal exercises.
  • 🍓 Intimate after-sales service — 100% refund & warranty guarantee. Note: The board needs to be assembled.